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Hi All

I want to integrate your push notification system to my unity project. I can make your sample project works well. But when I try to intagrate it to existing project, some problems occur. Because I have already have androidmanifest.xml inside plugins/Android folder. While I try to merge them, somehow I cannot do it. Second problem may be that I have already google-play-services.jar in my game folders. It may generate problem as well. Can you please help me? I can send my project to you if needed.

asked Sep 19, 2016 in Unity by gokhan (20 points)
Hi Again
It seems that my app saves user device token to apphq "Users" section. Then I send push notification from apphq. It prints message send successfully. But When I look logs, it says: "Message Sent to  device: APA91bFL30MJHXoDkXgpUwWhFyTk4TcymBn16G1KZGV2_n35PWJrC6K7TtRPeDctUyTydP0Tii1snuMo8rh_ZRkaVLYNXk0X3yoRmCxwY2ZtJ1kzr9H54INcTCvmqubyf9XdIOH2mmtU : [ errorCode=NotRegistered ]". Another thing is that as I said above I managed to make it work in shephertz's sample push project. Although, I try with same phone, device tokens are different from each other(between successfull project device token and nonsuccess project device token). Is it normal?

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Hi Gokhan,


As you are integrating Push Notification in your project. Here are the necessary steps you can follow.

  1. Add Configuration details in your AndroidManifest.xml file with the help of sample Manifest.
  2. As your project already have google play service, in this case don't add google play service available in sample project.

Yes, you will be able to see registered users in Users section of Unified Notification Panel. You will be getting errorCode=NotRegistered, when application is Uninstalled on the device.

As you managed to work with the Sample then the Token can belongs o that sample.

Yes, Device token can be different from same device.

Have you able to register on App42 with your existing project. If not, then might be AndroidManifest.xml is not properly configured.

Let me know the details.


Vishnu Garg


answered Sep 20, 2016 by Vishnu Garg (674 points)
Hi Gokhan,

First of all, apologies for the delay in response. I would suggest, that we can have a call to close this on ASAP. Please drop an email to Aidityo for your time availability, so that we can schedule a call.

Himanshu Sharma
Hi Himanshu
I guess I managed to solve this problem. I have new questions I have asked. I will be happy if you speed up the processes about those questions. Topics are: http://forum.shephertz.com/?qa=9610/app42-2207-problem-acl-enabled-app and http://forum.shephertz.com/?qa=9663/prevent-users-to-login-at-the-same-time-with-same-username
Push notification entegration problem is solved. Thanks
Hi There ..
 can you please tell me how you solved it ( because I have the same problem here ) :'(  ....
Will you please let  me know the exact problem you are facing from :
1.Unable to register device on AppHQ.
2. Able to register but device not receiving PushNotification.
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