Error 404 registering the device (Android push notifications)

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Hi all. I'm moving my first steps with App42 Cloud Api (using Delphi Seattle). My application do activate without erros, but I Ithink I need help to understand which is the correct path to follow to setup a user in the App42 console Indeed, when I try to call: PushEvents1.RegisterDevice; I always get a "Device token request failed' with a "404 error". The endpoint called in background is: where User1 is a user that I have created in the App42 console. Maybe "user1" isn't recognized, in the device registration process, by App42 server as a valid one for push notifications service? Any help would br appreciated. Marco
asked Mar 17, 2016 in Rad Studio by mcirinei (10 points)

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Hi Marco,

It seems like you are facing issue while authenticating the user or fetching the user from App42 database. So if it is possible then please share complete error message with us. It will help us to find the root cause and provide better support to you.


Himanshu Sharma
answered Mar 17, 2016 by hs00105 (2,005 points)
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