If I have multiple leaderboards, can I make a single query for all top player scores across all leaderboards?

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The use case for this query is when I want to display the game's high scores for all players (or a player's friends) across all the different levels of the game. I would prefer not to make a separate web request per level/leaderboard, and then parse that data on the client. Making 1 call with the response coming back sorted would be ideal.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

asked Jul 13, 2015 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by hebby (10 points)

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Hello Hebby,

You can simply create a global leaderbaord along with leaderboard for each level. AT the time of saving score, you have to save score in two leaderbaord, one is in global and one is in level. You can query global leaderbaord for getting highest scorer among all the level.
Let me know if it helps.
Himanshu Sharma
answered Jul 13, 2015 by hs00105 (2,005 points)
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