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Hi All

I want to send push notification to all users every week. I have two question now.

1-How Can I do sending every week or mounth? From AppHq console or from client side?

2-I want send push in Turkish language to Turkish users and in English to rest of users. How Can I do this?

3-When a user adds another to friend list, I want to send push notification like "Users1 wants to add you as a friend. Go and accepth it!". Like in Question 2, how should I do it so that user can understand the language. I need a suggestion.

asked Feb 27, 2017 in Unity by gokhan (20 points)
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Hi Gokhan,

Thanks for sharing the queries with us. It can be achieved by integrating the multiple services. How? Please find my answer below:

To send the multilingual push notification, first you have to identify the user language in which he/she want to receive the push.  Based on the language preference, you can subscribe those users to the specific channel and send/schedule the notification for them. 

Services which are going to be used to achieve the above goal:

1. Push notification service:

  • Create channel (Unified Notification -> Push -> Channels -> Add Channel )
  • Subscribe user to specific channel through the API
  • Send/Schedule notification to channel by selecting language preference as Non-English at the time of triggering the push request

2. Storage service:

  • Save/Fetch user language preference in the form of JSON

3. Custom code service:

  • The logic of finding the user language and converting the push message to achieve the third use. Once you identify the user language, you can send/schedule push to that user using the push API. Please find code snippet from here on the same  

Let me know if you face any issue while implementing the above feature. I will be happy to assist you!


Himanshu Sharma

answered Feb 27, 2017 by hs00105 (2,005 points)
Hello Himanshu
What I achieved so far is that: I store user device ids in push notification service and register them to channels according to their app language. So I can send push from apphq console according to their language. So far so good. Now, refering to my 3. question. I will send push from application(not from apphq) , lets say ,"Himanshu wants to add you as friend". Now, who will translate this to receiver's language? Sender or receiver? And how? Should I first retrieve user's channel? Inshort, can you please write me the apis one by one that I will use?
Any one here?
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