Corona SDK Real-time Multiplayer - Active Player Tracking?

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Hey there!

I've just got a few questions about implementing the multiplayer services offered here for AppWarp. We're new to using multiplayer modules, so we're trying to learn the in's and out's as we implement it into our game.

My team and I are currently trying to use the Color Move example to test real-time player tracking for Corona SDK. I know that project in particular uses a drag and drop functionality to update the tracker. We're currently trying to configure the project, to allow each player to see when the other player is actively dragging the box. We did manage to get something close to work, by putting the sendUpdatePeers in the moved event. The problem is, because of that, we pinged the server an insane amount of times. We also experienced a lot of rubber banding, which I'm sure was due to the number of pings we were causing. If it not the reason, is it because we are using the free service?

If we do have to place the UpdatePeers in the moved event, is there a way to limit the number of updates? A way which would make the game not lag and rubber band so much?

Another question I have is, should we be using a room? I noticed in the Fruity Monster example that they were using a room. The Fruity Monster example is close to what we're trying to achieve. The slight delay in player movement shown in that example is something we can get away with.

Thanks for your time.
asked Jan 5, 2016 in AppWarp by Robert Burns (10 points)

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Hello Robert,

To avoid rubber banding, you can try sending the update after certain number of change in pixels to limit the number of updates. Other way is when you receive the update at other end then you add the positions in the array and you can read that array and animate the object from one position to other. This way the rubber banding will be vanished.

You must use rooms. The network latency is associated with the network speed. But you can reduce it by connecting your users to the nearest AppWarp zone. By default, the users will be connected to the default AppWarp Zone of your app, which you have selected while creating your app.

But you can always change the default zone from AppHQ Management console to your nearest location.

I hope it helps.

answered Jan 5, 2016 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
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