AppWarp Xamarin/Mono v1.10 Missing Functionality on Windows 10

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I just downloaded the latest AppWarp Mono/Xamarin SDK v1.10 for developing with Xamarin Studio on Windows 10 Pro x64 and I am trying to use many different AppWarp SDK methods but I am getting a compile errors saying that the following methods do not exist for the WarpClient class:

- RecoverConnectionWithSessionId()

- sendPrivateUpdate()

- GetSessionId()

- CreateRoom() is missing the cleanUpTime parameter.

Also, it is saying that a LiveUserInfoEvent object does not have an isPaused definition either.

What is weird is that if I copy the same exact code to my Mac and compile it in Xamarin Studio there it works fine even though I am literally using the same solution.

Lastly, I am unable to call Disconnect() when running the app without getting a SocketException thrown as I mentioned here:

If you could please help me with these issues I would greatly appreciate it.
asked Jul 31, 2015 in AppWarp by feraask (45 points)
edited Jul 31, 2015 by feraask

1 Answer

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Hi Feraask,

Thanks, for the valuable feedback. We will check it on our end and will try to fix those issues exactly  you are facing.

We will let you know whenever we fix it.

Thanks & Regards

Vishnu Garg
answered Aug 1, 2015 by Vishnu Garg (674 points)
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