TurnBased game Stuck at some point in unity3d

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I have created a unity3d turn based game using app42 turnbased room apis.

i am using unity version(5.0.1) , App42-Unity3D-SDK-Beta-4.0,turn based room time is 120 sec.

 when i start a game the game functioning well near 10 to 15 min but after that it stuck any random point. and one user wont able to send or receive that the data.

can you pls help me out in prevoius unity version and the prevoius DLL file its works well but when i switch to unity 5 these problem occurs.


asked Jul 30, 2015 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by amit.bagada (43 points)

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Hello Amit,

Can you please share some more details on the issue you are facing? It will be helpful if you will share error logs which you are getting when this issue comes. Also, you can share the code snippets which is not working. It will be helpful in debugging the problem.

answered Jul 30, 2015 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
selected Jul 31, 2015 by amit.bagada
i already debugg the code but there is no error logs displaying but game stuck on random point after playing 15 to 20 min.i already tried to enable crash reporter but on app42 console crash reporter is disable.
Can you share the code snippets of API which is getting stuck? Also if possible, share your project on support@shephertz.com so that we can debug the problem.
hi rajeev thanks for replay
my project is already live on both platform Android and ios. As per our management system i could not able to send source code of live project.
is there any other way to solve these problem?
To debug it closely, we need internal logs of App42 method. If it is possible then put the below line of code, just after the App42 API initialization:


Above code snippet will print the internal logs of App42 methods. Kindly share with us at support@shephertz.com.
hi rajeev,
I tried with app42log but there is no error code displayed after stuck point.
the game freeze condition occurs only in device not in pc.
can you pls help me for this.
can i share some part of source code or whole source code to debug the problem?
If possible share the code related to our services, and the code where the game is getting stuck.
You can share the codes on support@shephertz.com
one thing wanted know that yesterday i got one mail from shephertz that my free trial version of App42Cloud Platform is over that is why the game stuck or not?
Your current issue has nothing to do with the mail you have received. Please share the code on support@shephertz.com so that we can rectify your issue.
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