AppWarp Xamarin/Mono 1.5.1 Missing Functionality

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I am developing an application using AppWarp on Xamarin/Mono 1.5.1 which is the latest version I can see on GitHub at this time and I noticed that the documentation ( )  and WinRT version of AppWarp says that there are some methods/functionality that I am not seeing when actually using the AppWarpMonoLibrary in my code:

1. SendPrivateUpdate()

2. RecoverConnectionWithSessionId()

3. ConnectEvent.getReasonCode() for dealing with an AUTH_ERROR for a paused user

4. GetSessionId()

Is there an updated version availble that has these available?
asked Mar 2, 2015 in AppWarp by feraask (45 points)

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Hi feraask,

Since nearly no one was using Xamarin SDK, we deprecated this SDK. We haven't updated this SDK after 1.5.1 version. Therefore it misses all the new features and bugfixes.

If you want we can implement missing features for you but then it will take some time.

answered Mar 2, 2015 by Suyash Mohan (900 points)
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