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When a user join a room, the user will automatically leave the lobby right? But why onUserLeaveLobby notifcation of another player is not called?

My scenario is:

I have A, B, C. A and B join the room together. But C is not notified onUserLeaveLobby.

When connected, I called JoinLobby and SubscribeLobby


asked Jan 9, 2015 in AppWarp by chamroeun (25 points)
After calling unsubscribeLobby() and leaveLobby(), the onUserLeaveLobby of another player still not called...

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When user leave a lobby through leaveLobby() method only then onUserLeftLobby notification comes to other players subscribed to the lobby.

The reason other player might not be gettign onUserLeftLobby because they have already subscribed to a new room. Players inside lobby will receive the onUserLeftLobby notification


answered Jan 10, 2015 by Suyash Mohan (900 points)
selected Jan 11, 2015 by chamroeun
Thanks for your response.
No, the user joins the Lobby and also subscribes to the Lobby and NOT JOIN ANY ROOM, but he doesn't receive the onUserLeftLobby notification when the other users leave the lobby and join a room. But the user does receive this notification when the other users call warpClient.disconnect();

Why do I need to call leaveLobby()? Logically, when a user join a room, the user should be automatically remove from the lobby, isn't it?

Players will not receive onUserLeftLobby when a player joins a room. But yes they will receive it when player gets disconnected. Currently this is how it works.

When a player joins a room, it leaves the lobby but notification is not generated. It will only be generated if player call leaveLobby before joining the room.

Thank Suyash Mohan,

Your answer works.

on the documentation you say that when a user joins / subscribes a room, (s)he leaves / unsubscribe from the other room (or lobby).
Now, Suyash, you say that this is not the case. Frankly, I believe that you are right, because my users do not receive the onUserLeftLobby event.

Could you please verify this? Could you please update the documentation?
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