Breakpoint causes AppWarp to disconnect on WinRT

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I am developing an application using AppWarp for WinRT 8.1 and every time I set a breakpoint in my code somewhere my connection to AppWarp is lost. Even if I just set a breakpoint in my main thread (not AppWarp call backs) my connection is lost. This did not happen on previous versions of the WinRT SDK, it has only been happening since I updated to the latest version v1.6.5.

This is making it very difficult to debug my code as breakpoints are very useful.
asked Aug 8, 2014 in AppWarp by feraask (45 points)

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We have implemented the KeepAlive Logic in our SDK.Your breakpoint does stop the sending keep alive and eventually your connection breaks.

So Please dont set the breakpoint and use Debug.Writeline(<Message>)  for debugging puropse.
answered Aug 8, 2014 by errahulpanchal (169 points)
Is there any way around this? I know I can use the Debug.Writeline to check things but that is much more of a hassle when I need to check a lot of values at once. I have to manually go in and write a message for each one whereas with a breakpoint I can simply check them all without any extra work. Also I would like to be able to step through my code slowly sometimes so I can examine if every small detail is working properly and this is just not possible by just printing messages to the debugger.

Right now it is the only way for deubgging,because we can not remove the keepalive logic or implement it in any other way.
So please use debug.writeline() for now,we will let you know if we find any other way.
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