insertdocument and json document length limit

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Hi, App42 teams:

   If i have a document, his content is : {"UserName":"Tom","UserName":"Jim","UserName":"Han", "UserName":"ste"}

   Now, I want to insert  one friends:"UserName":"Han2",

   make his content is   {"UserName":"Tom","UserName":"Jim","UserName":"Han", "UserName":"ste","UserName":"Han", "UserName":"ste",


My question: I expect I can insert one key and one valve without update all the document's content. 

i.e. Dictionary<string, object> newJsonDoc = new Dictionary<string, object>(); 
newJsonDoc.Add("UserName", "Han2");

i only want to insert newJsonDoc into the old doc.

What can I do?

Another question: Dose the json  document have length limit?

Thanks for your reply!

asked Jun 3, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by wuqiudongonmyway (30 points)
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Firstly i need to clear that "The names within an object SHOULD be unique."  .

Yes you can update the old document with new using addOrUpdate Document function.It will update & add your new document with existing document.

Also there is no limit on json document length. 

answered Jun 3, 2014 by hs00105 (517 points)
Hi This is Meer,
I am facing JSON exceed limit issue.

Following are response form App42 Cloud:

Message is : Bad Request   
App Error code is : 1400   
Http Error code is 400   
Detail is : The requested JSON doc exceeded the threshold limit.

I am not able to insert JSON on cloud.

Please help.
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