GetTopNRankersFromFacebook does not return friends' scores

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I have setup several Test users via Facebook developer account. They are friends of each other. When I tried to get friends' scores using


. It only returns the user himself.

I have used 
 permission and linked user facebook account. Anything did I miss?
    public void FbLogin()
        var perms = new List<string>() { "public_profile", "email", "user_friends" };
        FB.LogInWithReadPermissions(perms, AuthCallback);

    private void AuthCallback(ILoginResult result)
        if (FB.IsLoggedIn)
            // AccessToken class will have session details
            var aToken = Facebook.Unity.AccessToken.CurrentAccessToken;

            App42API.Initialize(ConstVariables.APP42_API_KEY, ConstVariables.APP42_SECRET_KEY);
            SocialService socialService = App42API.BuildSocialService();

            socialService.LinkUserFacebookAccount(aToken.UserId, aToken.TokenString, new LinkCallBack());
            scoreBoardService = new ScoreBoardService(ConstVariables.APP42_API_KEY, ConstVariables.APP42_SECRET_KEY);
            Debug.Log("User cancelled login");


Success Value : {"app42":{"response":{"success":true,"games":{"game":{"name":"Speedy Words","scores":{"score":{"userName":"100407165057496","value":2,"createdOn":"2020-10-26T13:52:03.000Z","scoreId":"_v3sHFvO2uPFR+vv8Jqn06zwgFScw=","facebookProfile":{"name":"Open Graph Test User","id":"100407165057496","picture":""}}}}}}}}

asked Oct 26, 2020 in Unity by fanling3 (10 points)
edited Oct 27, 2020 by fanling3

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