JNI error while disconnecting from internet

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Hi, I am calling Connect() and after connecting , i am manually disconnecting from the internet. At this point of time i am getting error and app is getting crashed. How to handle this ?

JNI ERROR (app bug): accessed stale Local 0x200001  (index 0 in a table of size 0)
 JNI DETECTED ERROR IN APPLICATION: use of deleted local reference 0x200001
 "Thread-93" prio=5 tid=18 Runnable
   | group="main" sCount=0 dsCount=0 obj=0x12fc6f70 self=0x6a6c4600
   | sysTid=23403 nice=0 cgrp=default sched=0/0 handle=0x631c2920
   | state=R schedstat=( 35061145 37977398 42 ) utm=3 stm=0 core=2 HZ=100
   | stack=0x630c4000-0x630c6000 stackSize=1022KB
   | held mutexes= "mutator lock"(shared held)


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asked Mar 20, 2019 in Android by vgminds1 (16 points)
closed Mar 22, 2019 by vgminds1

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We have forwarded your query to our team, they are looking into it, we will share an update regarding the same as soon as possible.


Priyanka Singh

App42 Team
answered Mar 22, 2019 by anonymous

Please have a look at this link (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39784677/unity3d-development-jni-error-app-bug-accessed-stale-local-reference-0x20000), it will help you to understand the reason behind this issue and for the solution.

Please do feel free to reach out to us if the issue still continues, we will be happy to help you.

Priyanka Singh
App42 Team
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