App42 and AppWarp not support IPv6

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Hello Shephertz,

I am using your service App42 and AppWarp in my iOS game, and I can't pass the Apple's Review because they can't connect my game to your service by using device with IPv6.
Could you help me please, how can I change to make it work through ?
I am using the latest version of App42 and AppWarp on platform Cocos2dx.
asked Jun 12, 2018 in Cocos2D-X by kan.coder1992 (10 points)

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Could you please share the Cocos2dx version you are using and detailed reason of rejection given by Apple? It will help us to understand the problem you are facing so that we can provide better support from our side.

answered Jun 14, 2018 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
Thanks for your attention,

I am using cocos2dx version 3.9. My game app is rejected by apple's reviewer with the reason below:

"We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPad running iOS 11.4 on Wi-Fi connected to an IPv6 network."

When they tried to login, it show "Connection failed" because It seems your appwarp cannot connect to the server on IPv6 network.

However, it works well completly on IPv4 network.

Please help me how to fix this.

AppWarp SDK uses the cURL for network related calls which comes with Cocos2dx. It is possible that the cURL available in this version(3.9) of Cocos2dx does not support IPv6. There is a long discussion here( on the same topic, please check it. You may need to upgrade Cocos2dx version or cURL library.
Please let me know if I can help you in any way, I will be happy to help.
Thanks rajeev.etc,

I will have a try to upgrade the cURL library.
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