Push Notification with Firebase and Unity

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Hi! I've setup my app for push notifications through Firebase (only Android app, for now).

All the configuration is done: the FCM legacy key is set up, the user is subscribed for push notifications, the user's device ID for notifications  (in the App42 console) is the token received from Firebase, etc.

When sending push notifications from the Firebase console, everything's working perfectly. The problem is that notifications sent via App42 (either from the console OR from code) are never shown. When the app is opened, Firebase shows me that I got a new message, but there is no notification attached to it (I assume this could be the problem).

What am I doing wrong, please advise.

Best Regards,

asked May 8, 2018 in Unity by Ez Entertainment (10 points)

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Hello Alex,

Could you please add me(demo@shephertz.com) as a collaborator to your app in AppHQ Management console?

To add collaborator, go to App Manager -> Collaborator -> Add Collaborator and provide above email address.

It will help us to understand the problem in better way.




answered May 9, 2018 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)

Any news? Did you receive the project's archive?

Best Regards,
Yes, I have received the project. I will look into it and update you asap.
Hi Alex,
I have tested with the test app you have shared, available in project. I will be able to receive notification whether application is in forground or iin background.
Will you please share the logcat logs that can help us to trace the problem, why application is crashing.
Hi Vishnu,
What about when the application is closed; do you see notifications when the app is closed? We are also able to receive messages, as well, when the app is in the foreground or background. But when the app is completely stopped, there are no push notifications.
Also, what Android version are you using for testing? We are testing on two devices with Android 8.1.0 & 8.0.0 and it does not work on either.
Hi Alex,

If application is completely stopped, it will also terminates the GCM service that is responsible for Push Notification and you will not be able to receive Push Notification.

I have tested the same on Android version 7+.

As you have mentioned that your application is being crashed, Please share the log cat logs so that we can trace the problem and provide you the solution.
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