App42/AppWarp Xamarin IPv6 Support Missing

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Apple is currently rejecting any apps using AppWarp and App42 for Xamarin because the SDK's do not support IPv6 networking. In this previous topic: it was said that an update would be released by December 31st 2016, but this has passed and I do not see any update anywhere. When is this update going to be released? This is a highly critical issue affecting all apps using the ShepHertz SDK's with Xamarin and if it could be fixed as soon as possible I would really appreciate it since it is holding up the release of my application completely.

Please let me know what will be done to fix this.

Thank You

asked Jan 2, 2017 in Xamarin by feraask (45 points)

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Lol, same as my problem. I have sent emails to them and posted questions, but no one has answered, really poor customer support.
answered Jun 14, 2018 by kan.coder1992 (10 points)
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